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p g wodehouse blandings castle saga bbc r4 starring r vernon & i carmichael
hi, everyone! I am a newbie to this kind of stuff, as I usually just download radio torrents (when & where I can find them LOL!).  Please can any wonderful user to this site upload or at least direct me where I can find to download the blandings castle bbc radio 4 blandings series produced by Richard uzborne starring Richard Vernon as lord emsworth & ian Carmichael as galahad threepwood? I actually saw them posted on rareshare last year, but unfortunately I ran into problems with my ratio & my download privileges were removed, but I didn't delete anything I had downloaded, but I think I downloaded far more than I was uploading, & being the idiot I obviously am I didn't pay attention to my ratio! anyway, I am absolutely desperate to get hold of these fabulous adaptations of these Wodehouse classic bbc radio dramatisations, & I would be very willing to share anything in my extensive radio collection with anyone who can help me! having said that, I would be very happy to help anyone in this request forum if I can, regardless, as I want every user to be able to enjoy as many radio comedies and dramas as I do! so Please, Please help me, I am very grateful!1! oh & by the way, i mean the 3 series "summer lightning", "heavy weather" & "pigs have wings".  I look forward to hearing from any of you, & thanks!!  Smile

First Series is on (search Blandings) and looks like others are on Youtube (search Blandings)

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