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cbtv.info as a radio torrenting site
At the risk of a double post I'll post this here to make sure people will see it (as I suspect it will be missed on page 7 of the thread it was originally on).

Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules in my enthusiasm to get this thing rolling.

(07-10-2019, 08:30 AM)timl Wrote: Hi All,

I am Tim from RS. I used to cap a bit of radio stuff over there. I have been pointed over to cbtv.info. At the moment i am the only one posting radio stuff. Registration is free. I'll warn up front that the site (crazy bitch TV) is far away from sites of old but they are happy for me to post all my radio stuff so I'll take the opportunity


Might I second timl's suggestion. I think this is a good chance to get a "RA 2.0" off the ground.

I'm another RA user (though I never registered with my gmail address) and I've been a torrenter and radio fan at many other UK sites back to uknova.

The place is rather garish (brace yourselves) but the owner seems friendly and, I think, tim and I are "quite BBC".

It's a private tracker but current anyone can sign up.

It has a good bonus system (so just attempting to seed will keep your ratio up). There is a requirement to seed for 24 hours in the 48 hours after downloading but that isn't onerous.

Until the end of July all torrents are free leech (encouraging uploading and downloading this month).

I'm not affiliated with the site owner but I would like to help get a reliable radio torrenting site up and running after the loss of RA and RS (and restrictions elsewhere).

Come over and join us! We need uploaders, downloaders and seeders.


Cheers, picaroon.
for the record I uploaded a spoof Sherlock Holmes today

A couple of Charles Paris earlier this week. Adrian Mole. A couple of comedies and the Archers (which I plan to cap weekly). And, for picaroon, A recently broadcast Archive on 4.

I'll be "doing" the proms in a few days time as well. If anyone wants to help out please let me know.

Do stop by if you get the chance. It's lonely capping on my own
Update: I am now capping the proms. Prom 1 went up this morning (Aus time). Lots of good stuff being pumped out to a small (but growing) crowd. Feel free to come along.

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