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Radio Active holy grail - ep 7.3 uncensored version
Episode 7.3 'God Alone Knows' of the BBC radio comedy Radio Active was broadcast in two different versions - the Mon Sep 14 1987 version had the last sketch hastily re-edited because of complaints about the Sat Sep 12 version.

My off-air version on tape is the Monday version, as are all the online versions including the one.

A copy of the original Sat Sep 12 one would be a strong contender for the holy grail of radio archive finds for me.
If this is the bit that refers to Mary Magdelene wearing a tennis skirt and scratching her bum, I have it and can upload it once the main site comes back
That's it! Please, please do, I shall be forever grateful.
As the site may be down for a while, I have uploaded it here
Thank you so much for the special upload. 31 years I've been waiting to hear that 'doggy fashion' bit again!
Glad you liked it. Radio Active remains one of my all time favourite comedies.
Adding my thanks for this. Smile
YouTube has 3 series of KYTV, just do a search at the site....

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