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Tracker and Site Down
Gave me a fright too, happy back on now.
very relieved that the site is back. what is cheops email? what was the issue? i wrote him on twitter but dont think he checks there often. is there anything that we can do to preserve the site?
The tracker was down for unknown issues. Unfortunately I have not had reply from the site owner Cheops so I can't comment further.

Regards johnfalstaff comment "is there anything that we can do to preserve the site?" The answer is yes. As stated by Cheops when re-opening the site (see News point 3) "The establishment of a good staff team spanning both the tracker and the forum." Currently I am the only active administrator/moderator for both sites! Which is not a healthy situation especially when currently I have very little spare time and therefore am not that active. Additionally:
1) The continued seeding of uploads.
2) More uploaders. We have too few.

Forum Duties:
Mainly purge spammers & answer questions as best as you can.

Main Site Duties:
Checking for duplicates & deletion of non-radio broadcasts

Volunteers for Moderator/Administrator positions are welcome! Please PM me.


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