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The Museum of Curiosity
First of all, thanks to anyone and everyone who uploads shows. You're the stars and I really appreciate what you do. And so, on to my request...
Does anybody have episodes of The Museum of Curiosity to share?
I've got the lot I think. Once Series 13 completes tonight, I'll upload the full pack (probably tomorrow).



The full pack of all 13 series has now been uploaded.
Oh wow! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw all 13 series on the main page. It's going to be a joy to start from the beginning and work my way through. Thank you!!
Shadowrunner, I wonder if you could take a look at some of the files and check if they uploaded correctly. All 6 episodes of Series 11 seem to be corrupted as does Series 12 Episode 2. Or perhaps they're encoded in some way that defeats my MP3 programs... Any advice gratefully received, etc.

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