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Is it better to post individual seasons, or large packs?
Hello RadioArchive!

Great to see you all back, and I hope the archive can be restored to it's former glory. With that said, I have a question about uploading.

I've got a collection of a certain show spanning about 60 series. Should I post each series individually, or post them all as a pack (or both).

Personally I think single series are more likely to be seeded than a mega torrent. Thanks George for any uploads though
Thanks for that dearleuk, I will upload soon Smile
First ten series are up, I'll be continuing tomorrow...
Thanks for these George Smile

The megapack is great for someone starting from scratch with isihac and the the individual series are great for people filling in.

Series uploads are probably better in general but if you have the content to make a full pack then go right ahead as an addition. A seedbox will help with such large torrents.


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