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uploading torrents
An avid downloader over the years, and now I feel its's time to put something back.
I have lots of old shows from the old radioarchivecc that may be of interest. How do I upload torrents please?
Hello Tim,

What torrent client are you using?
i dont use the bittorent client myself. Transmission is free and without ads so you might want to look at it.

The basic setup is the same with all clients though.

1. setup folders in the settings/preferences screen of your client.

I usually make at least two folders - 'in transit' as the destination for downloading torrents and 'completed' for torrents that are fully downloaded and ready for seeding.

2. put the audio files and associated text and image files into a folder within the 'completed' folder. make the folder name that of the torrent name you want to use.

eg. 'myradioshow - BBC radio scifi drama - 128k mp3 - timv156'

3. use the 'make torrent file' option in the client to create the .torrent file for upload.

In transmission it is found at File | Create torrent file

Be sure to select the whole folder containing the relevant files.

When offered the chance to add a tracker to the torrent enter the following:

you should now have a .torrent file ready for upload via the site. Because you are the seeder and your files are complete your client will start seeding the torrent as soon as it syncs with the tracker (which might take a few minutes)

4. upload the torrent via the 'upload torrent' page on the site.
Great. I'll get Transmission.
Thanks for your advice
this is the forum site, its on a separate secure server from the tracker.

go to
the two sites have seperate registration processes but feel free to use the same uname and pw across both sites
Have done and just uploaded my first torrent....I'm thrilled!

Is there any chance we could get a place to request a show or series if others would find that useful?

I'll not bother you any more, I'm sure you're really busy, but many many thanks for this, I was gutted when the original diappeared.
hi tim, well done!

its showing as externally tracked but I cannot see a tracker for it in the database.

I should have mentioned before that when creating the torrent you need to provide the tracker announce URL in the space provided for 'trackers'


can you repost it?

Ill amend my previous instructions accordingly

I uploaded again and all seemed fine and the torrent appeared in the lists and was searchable,but a few hours later it went again. Did as you said and the php address went in at the top of the upload window.
Ive got a quite a few gigabytes of stuff that I'm happy to share. Any ideas?

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